Manzanita Trail (TR 58)

The Manzanita Trail is a difficult trail off of NM Highway 150 4 miles from the Taos Ski Valley. It climbs from 8,356 feet to 11,773 feet in a distance of 4.19 miles. Several short segments have a climb angle of 45 degrees. Unlike many of the trails featured here, this trail is not badly depicted on the USGS topographic maps other than the trail frequently being shown on the wrong side of the creek.

The trail provides access to Lobo Peak although the trail leading there is steep and rocky.

The trail starts steep but levels off for about a quarter mile after eight-tenths of a mile. The last mile and a half averages something like a twenty degree slope and is challenging. Numerous water crossings, some of which are minimally improved, make waterproof footwear advisable. While the Forest Service claims that water is available over the entire trail this is not the case. In particular there is none easily accessible for the last mile or so.

The Forest Service description of the trail is here.

A map and elevation profile is here.

This is the Manzanita trail head mileage sign. For larger picture, click here. Picture of Manzanita Trail Head Mileage Sign

At the end of the trail you will be greeted by this sign. The trail to Lobo Peak is not well marked although there are a few rock cairns to assist you. I didn't do the Lobo Peak climb, although it is short, since I was hiking alone and didn't want to chance climbing the rock portion that is maybe 500 feet from the trail junction.

Sign at end of Manzanita Trail

Other than providing access to Lobo Peak, the ridge at the end of the trail provides fantastic views of Mt. Wheeler, the Taos Ski Valley, and indeed the entire Taos Valley.

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